Importance of Crate Training your Dog

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Well, do you canine get super excited when guests arrive? Do they act in ways that scare away guests? Are you looking for a solution?

Well, crate training can be something that might benefit you. Training your dog to be in a crate is helpful when guests arrive and can make things easy for you over time. According to experts, crate training helps the dog instill a sense of security. As dogs inherently love being under closed surfaces, you should be assured that crate training is the best choice for your furry friend. Watch our video here.

Importance of Crate Training Your Dog

Accustoming your canine to a crate can be a lot more helpful than you think. It not only makes every situation easier for you to handle but also benefits your buddy. Let’s get going and discuss why you need to crate train your dog. 

1. Crate Training Puppies

When you start early you get the chance to train your child for a longer period. This gives you and your dog the chance to explore every aspect of the crate training process. Training puppies can benefit you in the future because they would get more comfortable with the crate each passing day.

2. Helpful During Rescue

Bad things don’t come with warnings. So it’s always better to prepare before disaster strikes. During emergencies, your dog would need a crate and if he isn’t comfortable with one, then the situation can get worse. So it’s always better to crate train your buddy. It will help you control your dog and provide him with the necessary aid before it’s too late.

3. After Surgery

When your dog is seriously injured a crate can become his best friend. They would feel safer and more protected there. Also carrying your dog to-and-fro for vet visits or doctor appointments would become easy if your dog is crate trained. A crate can help your furry friend to be safe during unexpected situations.

4. Senior Dogs

If you have an old dog, then crates can be their go-to place. Senior dogs usually have low energy levels and get tired easily. Crates can help them travel places hassle-free and in comfort.

5. Travel Places

Going for that vacation? Regret leaving your dog at home?

Well, if your dog is crate trained, you can take them places without thinking twice. You can take them on flights, go on long car vacations or even travel in trains with them. Your dog would feel safe in their enclosed space and love his time out with you.

How Crate Training Benefits Your Dog

Crate training is not only helpful to you but it can help your dog as well. There are many situations in a dog’s life where they need crates. Some include the following –

1. During fireworks

On days like the 4th of July, your dog would need its crate to hide and feel safe. The fireworks outside can scare your dog and thus crate training them beforehand can be really helpful.

2. Sedating dogs for travel

Sometimes your vet or doctor can advise sedating your dog during travel to avoid anxiety attacks. But these sedating drugs can have side effects on your dog’s health. They are fatal and can increase their risk of respiratory and heart diseases. So keep in mind what you give your furry friend.

3. They learn independence

Dogs love being around their pet parents. But sometimes teaching them separation is important. Crates can act as saviors if you decide to teach your dog independence. They would learn to live without you which would benefit them in the future.

Who Needs To Be Crate Trained?

Every dog needs to be crate trained but there are certain special dogs that need it more than others. Special dogs need extra care and comfort that only a crate can provide. Certain behavioral problems can also force a dog to act strange, thus crate training them would be helpful.

Dogs learn faster when they are young. Crate training your dog, when they are a puppy, can give them more time to learn. You can potty train them simultaneously as dogs have the sense to keep their surroundings clean. So they won’t poop in the crate.

Suppose you have a baby or your friend’s kid visits your home. You would want the dog to be crated rather than bump into the kid or baby again and again. This will protect the child and avoid them from getting infected.

Crate Caution For Your Dog Buddy

Dogs do not think like humans and so they need to be dealt with carefully. When you are crate training your dog also be cautious with the way you teach them. You can’t force a life to be locked inside a crate. The process needs to be pragmatic and positive.

Some crate cautions you to need to understand include-

  • Don’t force your child- Look at your dog as another life and do not force the training process. Your dog will need time to learn, so be acceptable about it. Don’t punish them, instead accept that they are trying their best.
  • Give them treats- Dogs would do anything to get their treat rewards. Use them positively to teach them what is acceptable and what’s not. Associate their favorite treats to the crate and make the training process fun.
  • Restrict crate timing- Even if your furry friend learns the benefits of being in a crate, do not keep them there for long hours. Limiting their crate timings can teach them freedom and discipline together.
  •  Keep their essentials in the crate- Provide your buddy all they need to make their crate experience fun and welcoming. You can keep their favorite toys, or blanket in the crate to make it a homely experience. Understand their needs and they will understand yours.

To conclude

Dogs are different and who would understand it more than you? Give them the time to learn and grow on their own while showering treats and rewards to amplify the crate training process. If you are thinking about crate training your dog then Buckaroos 360’s expert trainers will always be the right fit for your furry buddy.

After all, we are always here to make your dog’s crate training process fun!!

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