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When we speak of the 4th of July, most people think of Independence Day, and they associate it with food and celebrations that usually occur outdoors, but we forget about our dogs and how to prepare your dog for fireworks on the 4th of July. There are 4th of July fireworks and parades in abundance all over the country! While these can be fun for us, our pets may think otherwise. It can be challenging to ensure your puppy isn’t freaking out at the sudden noises. 

For pet parents, it’s essential to stay prepared on this day as fireworks are unpredictable and can’t be avoided in some places. Thankfully there are some excellent options available to help keep your pup calm while still celebrating this Independence Day. 

A few efforts must be put in before the main event and on the big day! Preparing your dog for a significant occurrence will ensure less anxiety. Not training your pup for the fireworks that may be expected will put you and your dog in a dilemma. You both may end up in an inexplicable situation. They may be scared or react distressed or aggressive, and during the situation, you might not know what to do to calm them down.

Here are some aspects to consider when you want to prepare your dog for the 4th of July?

Better to be safe than sorry

On the 4th of July, it’s no surprise that more dogs are running away than on any other day of the year. Dogs have a keen sense of hearing, and fireworks often trigger their fight-or-flight response which sends them running. Have your dog’s tag updated with your up-to-date contact information. Getting your pet microchipped will help you get in touch with people who may help you return your little puppy!

If you still are in the dilemma of How to help my dog to calm down during fireworks?

prepare your dog for fireworks on the 4th of July

Your canine companion can get desensitized to the sounds of the 4th of July fireworks. Some have found success by training their dog to listen to the fireworks’ sounds and remain calm. This practice can be implemented way before the main event, and gradually your pet will become more impassive toward the loudness and flashing lights. 

You can start by doing a usual activity and having the firework sounds in the background. The sounds may become louder progressively, so your dog is familiar with the odd bang and roar. 

You may also include some treats like homemade jerky treats for dogs or give them some cool lickable treats, and to prepare those, you can read our Seven Best Summertime Cooling Dog Treats. By doing this, your dog will begin associating the sound of fireworks with good things.

The point is that pet parents must prepare their little furry ones for the 4th of July and the buzz that will accompany it. Training your dog for an upcoming affair is better than letting it go with the flow. 

And if you feel that you cannot dedicate the time, then we are at your service. Buckaroos 360 service areas are all over Oklahoma and the Dog Boarding center at Pauls Valley provides intense training for your dog. Our competent and qualified staff can give your dog in-house or on-campus training to deal with the loud firework noises on Independence Day. Get in touch with Buckaroos 360 to know more. 

How do you calm a dog with anxiety on the 4th of July, 2022

If your dog usually does not like loud noises, it’s a good idea to talk to your veterinarian about it. They may want you to give them some dog sedatives for fireworks, before the holiday to test whether it will aid a positive outcome. Something to calm their nerves or keep them mildly sedated will help you get through the night peacefully. 

As you approach the day, here are a few more ways to protect and guard your dog against any unpleasant development when the fireworks are at their peak.

Prepare a safe place for dogs during fireworks

A warm, cozy, and quiet place in the basement or the most interior part of the house can be organized for your pet. Covered crates and soft surfaces (e.g., pillows or blankets) act as a way for you to comfort your dog during fireworks. The place should make them feel safe and secure. Comforting surroundings will make everything seem less intense than it is. 

Additionally, dogs have an affinity for dens or burrows – whether a kennel, box, or any other type of enclosure they feel safe in. So by offering them a den-like space, you can give them extra reassurance throughout the booming firework sounds outside. It will help make the experience more pleasant for everyone involved!

Calming music for dogs

Soft music or something interesting on the TV can be turned on to distract the dog from fireworks. Not only does music help drown out the sounds of fireworks, but it’s been proven that soothing music can have a remarkable relaxing effect. Our canine friends will definitely enjoy it. You should take advantage of it and give your friend a chance to enjoy the festivities. The dog’s calm behavior and the relaxed tunes will fascinate all the family members – it’s an easy win for everyone involved!

Treat for dogs on the 4th of July, 2022

Keep many treats at hand and ensure every loud bang is countered with a treat. Only use those special treats for noises. Instead of reacting anxiously toward a sound, they will start associating it with special treats. But make sure this approach is only adopted to get past Independence Day. 

Wear out your dog

An intense exercise or a brisk yet extended walk before the fireworks will wear out your pet. Tired dogs tend to react more calmly and fall asleep deeper. So if you can get your companion to bed before the terrifying moments, it is the best solution to the entire problem. Moreover, if the pet is physically tired, it will react passively instead of freaking out. 

You are the dog’s eternal comfort zone

This is the time to understand what your dog wants instead of taking things for granted. This may be a time for comforting instead of disciplining. Be their voice and work on what will be best for them and what they want. 

Extra cuddling, more treats, unbiased attention, or just being there for them. Let them have it until they feel safe and normal again. It is what they deserve, and you need to provide as a parent. Because no training, no toy, none can help them go through this besides you.

Make sure you have not left and they have not left home alone, no matter how well they are trained for the event. It may be a celebration for you, but don’t let it become a traumatic nightmare for them.

To sum up

Many dogs become so distressed by the 4th of July celebrations, that they’ll do almost anything to escape the sound. More often than not, this is precisely what happens. The best thing you can do is keep them indoors and find a safe place for them to hide in your house. 

Your vet may prescribe you anxiety dog sedatives, who get especially freaked out by loud noises. But if you want to try something natural, use earplugs or stuff their ears with cotton. You can play music (or turn on the TV) loudly enough to muffle any fireworks noise and implement other calming distractions. 

Giving them a chew toy or letting them have some fun will keep them relaxed and focused.  Also, don’t forget to treat your furry friends like a family on this special day of celebration!

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