Side Effects Of Oral Tick and Flea Medicines

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Flea and tick prevention is a serious pet concern! For several years oral Tick and Flea Medicines were a pet parents’ top priority. They usually showed effect within 30 minutes of administration. But recently numerous pet parents have reported Side Effects Of Oral Tick and Flea Medicines in their dogs. 

With this blog, we shall understand some of the side effects associated with these oral medications and how you can protect your dog from their risks. But first, let’s understand what flea and tick medicines are made of. 

Why Causes Side Effects From Tick and Flea Medicines?

You might have used drug-store flea and tick medications to treat your dog’s tick problem. But do you know what’s used to make these drugs?

Oral flea and tick medicines first emerged during the 1990s as an alternative to topical products. A common ingredient found in them was ‘Isoxazolines’ which were highly effective, however, an overdose of it resulted in adverse side effects. The FDA noticed this and recently issued a warning report against Isoxazolines. 

To know more, refer to this- Isoxazolines FDA Report

With such side effects of flea and tick medicines, many pet parents are moving towards herbal options. If you notice any side effects, it’s essential to prioritize your pet’s health and make the necessary changes accordingly.

Side Effects of Tick and Flea Medicines On Dogs

As a pet parent, your primary concern is caring for your dog. If you have been giving your dog oral flea and tick medicine and notice any unusual behavior, it is crucial to take them to the nearest vet immediately. The chemicals in these medications can have adverse effects on your dog’s health and may even lead to fatal consequences. 

In such situations, prioritizing your pet’s well-being is of utmost importance. If you observe any of the below-mentioned side effects of oral flea and tick medicine in your dog, promptly take them to your nearest vet!

If you need help looking out for a professional vet, you can contact Buckaroos 360 Dog Care!

Some side effects of oral flea and tick medications include- 

Personality Changes

If you observe sudden aggressive behavior or overexcitement in your dog, it could be a potential side effect of the medication. They may display heightened emotions and direct them toward you through excessive barking. In such a situation, it’s advisable to consult your vet for guidance and proper evaluation. 


Another side effect of flea and tick medicines is seizures and sudden tremors. In this scenario, the dog experiences uncontrollable shivering and shaking as they lose control over their body. They may even walk in an unsteady gait due to the medication. If this happens call your vet for further advice. 


The medication might even heighten their senses, leading to negative reactions to touch or surrounding noise. This could manifest as growling, howling, crying, or defensive behavior toward family members. Here you can take the help of both a dog behavior specialist and a vet. 

Urinary or Fecal Incontinence

If you see your dog urinating or defecating inside your house, even during resting positions then the medication might be disturbing their thinking patterns. This behavior is often accompanied by an unsteady gait and leg dragging. If you notice any of them, call your vet immediately.


Before vomiting the dog will often show restlessness, excessive salivation, and repeated swallowing. Vomiting once is not a concern but if you see your dog vomiting out after every meal then it’s a worrisome issue. It’s best to consult a vet for proper diagnosis.  

Excessive Drooling

With time as the flea and tick medication takes over your dog’s neural coordination, they might start drooling excessively accompanied by uncontrollable breathing. Here you can first calm them down and then proceed to take them to your nearest vet. 


With excessive vomiting, if you’re dog’s having deadly diarrhea then it’s time to visit your vet. The medication can overpower your dog’s cognitive ability, thus leading to redundant behavior. 

Decreased Appetite

You might also notice your dog, lose weight and the willingness to eat. Additionally, they may exhibit low energy levels and a higher body temperature. In such crucial times rush them to your vet and keep them hydrated throughout the examination. 

If you see any of these side effects from the oral flea and tick medicines, just approach your vet for a detailed diagnosis. 

How To Avoid Side Effects Of Oral Tick and Flea Medicines?

There are two ways to avoid the side effects of flea and tick medicines. 

  1. Consult Your Vet

Talk to your vet about the oral medications and their dose measurements. Some breeds are more prone to side effects than others, so it’s important to consult your vet here. They will also inform you about preventive measures you can take once the side effects manifest.

  1. Look For Herbal Options 

A different way to deal with this situation is to look for alternative modes of medicine. A widely popular way is to go for the herbal approach. The Nature’s Protection Flea & Tick Herbal Collar is a great herbal alternative. 

What Is The Nature’s Protection Flea and Tick Herbal Collar

The Nature’s Protection Collar for Dogs is a herbal alternative to chemically produced oral and topical medications for flea and tick prevention. It’s a carefully formulated herbal collar by Dr. Bob Goldstein, the co-founder of Earth Animal

The Nature’s Protection Collar is curated by picking the best automatic herbs and essential oils out there. It gives off a fresh, minty fragrance that keeps the dog energetic and in a good mood. 

Benefits Of Using earth animals Nature’s Protection Herbal Collar

  1. Safer Option

The Nature’s Protection Herbal Collar is a much safer option than side effect-causing oral flea and tick medicines. It is made with natural ingredients found in nature, that are dog-friendly. Its active ingredients include Peppermint Oil and Virginia Cedarwood Oil which helps treat flea attacks and relieve stress in dogs. 

  1. Three Month Protection

Just like oral flea and tick medicines need to be administered monthly, these topical herbal collars provide 3 months of protection from flea and tick attacks. They naturally work without disrupting your dog’s daily routine. 

  1. Diverse Insect Protection

These herbal topical collars not only protect your dog from flea and tick attacks but also keep them away from other vector-borne insects like mosquitos and sandflies. They provide a complete protection package against different insects out there. 

  1. Zero Chemicals

These collars are made with all-natural ingredients like Peppermint, Virginia Cedarwood, and Almond Oil. They do not contain any added synthetic chemicals, insecticides, or pesticides, and are completely chemical-free and safe for your pets. 

  1. Collar for Every Size

These collars come in 3 different sizes ranging from Small, Medium, and Large. The below-given size chart might help you out- 

Small Upto 20 inches
MediumUpto 23 inches
LargeUpto 29 inches

Cautionary Note- Do not use the collar as an alternative to regular dog collars. 

  1. Waterproof Collars

These topical herbal collars are completely waterproof so there’s no need to remove them while you’re bathing your dog or enjoying the rain with them.

In Conclusion 

If you’re tired of seeing your dog suffer from the side effects of oral flea and tick medicines then it’s time for a herbal shift. Our dogs are an important part of our lives and experimenting with their health isn’t an option. If you’re looking for a natural flea and tick prevention product, just go for Nature’s Protection Herbal Collar, and see its love for your dog!  You can watch our video on the dangerous side effects of tick and flea medicines here.

It’s the best gift you can give your dog this tick season!

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