Rescue Dogs


Buckaroos 360 Dog Care provides a second chance at a home for rescue dogs through service, therapy and assistance dog training

When you donate to Buckaroos 360 Dog Care, your dollars are going directly to helping rescue dogs! Buckaroos tries to provide the types of dogs needed for service, therapy, or assistance for as low cost or sometimes no cost to the person in need. Your donation will help cover the immense expenses of training rescues to become a service, therapy, or assistance dog. Buckaroos 360 Dog Care believes in educating the public with simple tools to help reduce the number of rescue dogs. We aim to keep every dog in a home as a companion for life.

When you donate to Buckaroos, your dollars are going directly to a small business in rural America dedicated to helping dogs! Check out our programs below: Buckaroos tries to provide the types of dogs listed above for as low cost or sometimes no cost to the person in need. Your donation will help cover the immense expenses of training rescues to become a service, therapy, or emotional support dog.

Ways to support our mission:

Monetary-support our dogs with a one-time or monthly donation that will help cover a variety of expenses. Donations can be made here electronically or we accept mailed donations.

Volunteer-Fundraising events, dog care, and crafts are all needed as additional ways to help our dogs

Foster-Foster a dog or raise a puppy until a training spot becomes available in our program

Download Our App-Stay up to date with our latest information regarding rescues and training

GET A Service Dog

How To Obtain A Service Dog From Buckaroos 360 Dog Care

Service dogs are typically not adopted as they are specially trained canine companions. A service dog will be trained for the individual they are going to be helping live as normal a life as possible every day. Service dogs are extensively trained and require a large commitment from both the new handler who needs the assistance and the trainer. If you are interested in a service dog from Buckaroos, please contact us with questions. We would love to help you find the perfect service dog!

A service dog is a specially trained dog that helps a person with activities of daily living. Some dogs are retrievers for wheelchair-bound people, some dogs are for the hearing and visually impaired, and others aid children with autism. Service dogs are required to perform in public settings without fail, so the hours involved in training are excessive. Buckaroos evaluates rescue dogs for their service dog potential.


How To Adopt A Rescue Dog From Buckaroos 360 Dog Care

The best way to adopt one of our rescues is to foster a dog first to see if the dog is a fit for your family. Things to consider before fostering a pet are your family’s lifestyle and expectations for having a dog. Consider activity level, time for care and grooming, and the family age groups. The American Kennel Club provides a great resource for search the needs of each specific breed. If you’re interested in a mixed breed dog, it is best to look up the characteristics of all the breeds in the dog as the dog can have mixed tendency.

At Buckaroos, if we hear of a dog needing a home, we act. All dogs are loved and cared for as our own until we are able to re-home them in the perfect situation. Rescue dogs are not simply “free” dogs. These dogs often come with a host of health issues from improper care and neglect. They also can have genetic issues and major medical issues that require veterinary attention. Grooming and flea/tick treatments are necessary to improve the coat of rescue dogs for optimum health and hygiene. 

Since we are dog trainers, all rescue dogs receive an evaluation and basic training before being placed available for adoption. We help other rescue organizations as well by offering free or low-cost training, grooming, boarding, and evaluations. Buckaroos aims to have no dog become a rescue dog if at all possible. We can work with families to help correct behavior issues so the dogs can remain in their homes.


How to become a handler for a therapy rescue dog

To adopt a therapy rescue dog from Buckaroos 360 Dog Care, therapy dog handlers should be ready to learn from our professional trainers how to work with these dogs. Multiple classes are necessary to teach the skills and maintenance of a therapy dog. Therapy dog handlers should be good with people of all ages and enjoy sharing their dog’s skills with others to spread happiness! Most important part of becoming a therapy dog handler is to be a good listener, like your dog, to best support the humans you’re trying to help.

Therapy dogs help people cope with stressful situations. They go into places to allow others to pet them and simply feel loved. These dogs are to meet specific requirements to go out in public and remain well behaved. These dogs are invited to come to places such as hospitals, nursing homes, courthouses, etc. The therapy dog program requires a lot of volunteer hours to learn the skills these dogs need. These dogs are in high demand and many volunteers are necessary to make a truly great therapy dog.


How to adopt a dog for emotional support

Do you need a dog friend to feel comfort in times of stress? Do you want to provide a home for a dog in need? An emotional support dog may be what you’re looking for! Emotional support dogs provide comfort and confidence in stressful situations. They are quiet companions who offer a solid presence for a person in need. An emotional support dog can help a person conquer feelings and live a normal life.

Emotional Support Dogs is for people who have trouble coping with everyday activities. These dogs are a steady reassuring presence for their person. Dogs for this task require basic training and household manners so they do not cause additional stress for their owner.

Veterans Affairs: We believe in the sacrifice veterans have made for our great country. We know that with this reward comes the risk that these brave people may end up with some debilitating diseases. We train qualified rescue dogs into service dogs for veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injuries. Therapy dogs can help a veteran return to civilian life as quickly and normally as possible. All of this training is free of charge for the veteran when the dog is ready to go home with them.