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Therapy dogs are special animals. They have many jobs that benefit people. The 7 therapy dog miracle benefits show us how amazing these dogs truly are. A specially trained therapy dog can be life changing for many people with many health conditions. From hospitals, to nursing homes, to daycare centers, to personal pets, therapy dogs have many applications where they can be of service. Let’s explore a few of the options

1. Therapy dogs offer emotional support

Animals are a comforting presence to many people. It has been scientifically proven that animals can increase dopamine levels in humans. Having a dog nearby can decrease anxiety and stabilize emotions. When a dog is present, most people feel comforted, like they have a constant friend nearby. Of the 7 therapy dog miracle benefits, emotional support is the biggest constant. A dog’s love is always there to support their favorite human. This is often enough reassurance to get them through a difficult time.

2. Physical health can improve with a therapy dog

Dogs keep people active. When a dog is in the home, most people find they are more apt to get up and move to take care of their pet. Dogs are fun to be active with and they provide an easy way to burn extra calories. Another application for physical improvement is dog-assisted physical therapy. People who participated in dog-assisted physical therapy reported that they felt less pain.

3. Third of the 7 therapy dog miracle benefits: Mental Health

Therapy dogs can significantly improve the quality of life for some humans. To humans that suffer from severe mental illness, a therapy dog can be the reason they get out of bed every day. These dogs can also facilitate interactions with other people and create a buffer in the case of crowds. They can soothe feelings of sadness and reduce agitation and anger. In the case of mental health the constant presence of a best friend can keep a person in a level emotional state.

4. Therapy dogs benefit literacy in kids

Having a dog friend to read to is a great motivator for kids! Many libraries and shelters have come up with programs for kids to read to shelter pets. Children often feel judged when reading to other people if they are not strong readers. Dogs offer no judgment, they simply listen while the child reads. Kids often improve their stutters, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities by reading to a furry friend.

5. Dogs can get humans more social!

Dogs bring people together. Plain and simple. Taking a dog to the park can get a person with social anxiety out of the house. The dog will often provide reassurance as a person gets out and meets new people. The dog just being there will often reassure a person enough to chat with another owner at the dog park. Making friends is a great “side effect” of the 4 therapy dog miracle benefits. Dogs also create a safe personal space for the owner while they are out in public.

6. Cognitive benefits for seniors with dogs

Owning a pet is a lot of work but it is typically a routine. Those who struggle with cognitive issues thrive on a routine. Dogs are a constant reminder of what is going on in a day. Also if you have ever owned a dog, you know how they can tell time, especially around feeding time! Seniors who suffer from memory loss can also be grounded by the ownership of a dog. It reminds them of time passing and can be a blessing when they feel insecure or scared.

7. Dogs provide stability in a crazy world

Having your own personal therapy dog can provide consistent and stable therapy. The constant of the dog being there reminds the owner to always be working towards their goals. Dogs provide tactile stimulation and positive interaction in a person’s life. They are always there for us, a reminder that the world is bigger than just one person alone. Having your own trained therapy dog can be the best decision you ever make!

These 7 therapy dog miracle benefits are just the beginning of how enriched your life could be a with a therapy dog. As we continue to learn and expand on new ways to utilize a dog’s constant presence, therapies will change and evolve. If you’re needing a change in your life, consider a therapy dog!

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