6 excellent dog daycare questions

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Dog daycares and Dog boarding are very popular today. With many families who want the best for their family dog, it’s important you should ask these 6 excellent dog daycare questions! What should my dog daycare offer and does my dog daycare understand my dog behaviors are essential. Dogs need a good place to explore but need more socialization than playing with other dogs. If you’re thinking about dog daycare or have a dog in dog daycare we hope these questions help you pick the right one for your pet.

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Does your dog daycare offer enrichment?

Dogs do enjoy packs but it is very important that your pet spends time with humans as well. Confidence-building games at your dog care center will help with socialization. Don’t pay for you to play with other dogs in the grass. Your dog should have things to climb on and under. Touch new surfaces. Also daily activities such find my treat or fetch. This is an often overlooked of the 6 excellent dog daycare questions as it is assumed. Never assume, always make sure your dog is learning and playing to encourage good behaviors.

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Do you understand dog behaviors?

Proper training should be done to ensure your dogs are in good hands. Your dog sitter should know what all dog behaviors are communicating. Having a dog trainer on-site definitely will increase your chances of having somebody with experience. Understanding puppy behaviors versus adult dog behaviors is a must. Dogs communicate a lot of their feelings through body language as opposed to their voice. Understanding the behaviors is an important question as one of the six excellent dog daycare questions.

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what is the emergency plan?

Trusting who cares for your friend is essential for your peace of mind when deciding where your dog should stay for the day. Always ask what they do in case of emergencies. Emergencies can be from medical emergencies of the pet to how do they handle severe weather. Your dog daycare facility should have information available with details on their plans. This is one of the most important of the 6 excellent dog daycare questions as we need to be prepared for emergencies.

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is your staff first aid certified?

It’s important that the staff knows basic dog first aid. Small cuts and scrapes can often be handled by basic first aid. It’s also good for the staff to know how to stabilize emergencies for the vet. A staff that is certified in pet first aid can potentially save your best friend’s life! Being able to help a choking dog or recognize heat stroke symptoms can mean the difference between life or death with your pet. Basic first aid is crucial for all pet care staff.

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is there a place for dogs to rest?

Rest is as important as playtime. It’s best for the dog daycare to have a nice area for your dogs to relax and take a break. A nice shady, grassy area or an indoor quiet space is a nice place for dogs to relax. Dogs need to sleep more than humans so resting is necessary to the health of your pet. Dogs are pros at finding a good place to take a nap but providing them a soft quiet area helps them relax.

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Do you have grooming available?

Sometimes dogs just need a spa day too! Daycares that are all in one with a grooming facility is a great option for the family pet! Letting your dog go play all day at the dog daycare with a pack and then getting a good bath, brush out, and haircut, if needed, can spoil your pet and have them feeling in tiptop shape. Our Buckaroos 360 Dog Care has groomed and we aim to be your all-in-one-stop shop for your dog!

When searching for a quality dog daycare facility, these 6 excellent dog daycare questions will provide you with the answers you need to ensure your pet is in a good place. At Buckaroos 360 Dog Care, we aim to help you find the correct information even if we cant provide you the service. Please check out our daycare information at buckaroosrr.com


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