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We are always excited about getting a new puppy! Puppies bring joy to our home. Learning the 8 essential positive puppy raising skills will help you and your family be prepared. Pups do grow to be dogs so it best to understand the canine behaviors and dog traits they may have at an early age before they become adults. A well-socialized puppy makes a happy adult dog that is calm and confident in all situations.

puppy training


Your first step in raising a puppy is to socialize them. Introduce them to new people and other dogs, especially other puppies. Small steps are always best. Spending just a few seconds with another person or another dog can help your dog begin to socialize. Meeting dogs and people of all sizes will help your puppy learn that each friendly face may look different. They will understand how to appropriately meet strangers and grow up to be more confident. Of the 8 essential positive puppy raising skills, this will set your pup up for success the most in all other areas of life.

8 Essential Positive puppy raising skill


Letting your pup touch new surfaces is crucial to desensitizing. Eating from different bowls made out of different textures is a great start. Also exposure to strange sounds, softly and far away at first, eventually making them louder and closer will give the puppy a good experience. When exploring something new only do it a few seconds at a time so as not to overwhelm your dog. New items or new people can be frightening, so keep it short and sweet and always say “NICE!” as a marker. Get your puppy something tasty to associate with new things so they learn to associate positively.

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puppy training 

Research shows that your puppies learn best in the first 18 weeks of their life. This is the most important time to start training them on the proper behaviors they will need as an adult dogs. All puppies learn at a different pace, so we recommend looking for a puppy trainer, not just a dog trainer that can teach the 8 essential positive puppy raising skills. Puppies should begin basic training before six months old to set them up for lifelong success.

8 Essential Positive puppy raising skill

PUPPY Boarding and PUPPY DayCare

Puppies will need essential care as they grow up. Most humans have busy lifestyles, so searching for the perfect puppy care center eases that burden. Puppy boarding will be essential to your puppy’s care as finding a place they are comfortable will set them up to be comfortable going to the same place when they need to be boarded. Active breeds will benefit most from Doggie Day Care. Going 2 to 3 times a week to a great Doggie Day Care will provide your puppy with the opportunity to be properly socialized with others and to burn off some energy!

8 Essential Positive puppy raising skill

puppy games

Creating games for your puppy will be essential to raising a healthy, wonderful, smart puppy. You can create games with things around your house like water bottles, boards, chairs, etc. Use your imagination to make a safe and fun game for your puppy to explore new textures and items for a short period of time. Build tunnels, ramps, and steps for a fun challenge. Get them toys that are of different sizes, shapes, and textures. Teach your puppy that different sounds to mean different things and not to be fearful of unknown noises.  Let your puppy have fun; encourage wonderful behaviors by saying “NICE!” and giving them a treat.

8 Essential Positive puppy raising skill

puppy nutrition

Giving your puppy a proper diet and treats will increase your chance of raising a healthy adult dog. Help them be more successful in the long run by feeding a quality puppy food. Knowing what to feed your puppy and what treats are the best option is also important to provide an essential and nutritious valuable lifestyle. Your puppy will grow up to be a healthy, smart dog using the proper steps and nutrition to raise your puppy along with the other 8 essential positive puppy raising skills

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The puppy touch

Touching your puppy’s paws, ears, and tail will teach them to be handled as adults. Give them nice pets and help them remain calm as they experience these new touches for the first time. If your dog is biting or chewing on you, you need to put the puppy down and walk away. Give them something more appropriate to chew on instead of you. Do not reward this behavior by allowing your puppy to chew on you; simply take your hand away, walk away and get a little something different to chew on. An antler or an appropriate toy that will be safe for them to chew on works great! Or better yet, get them involved in a puppy game!

puppy daycare

Puppy Traits

Understanding your dog’s breed will help you identify the potential strengths and weaknesses of your puppy. Before getting a puppy search akc.org or other resources to find out what breeds will fit your household. If you have an active lifestyle it is probably best to find a dog that fits your life and will enjoy lots of adventures like going to the lake, camping, etc. If you prefer to stay at home, you should look for a dog with traits that make him/her a little less active.

Your puppy will need 24-hour care, lots of patience, kindness, and a good teacher. These 8 essential positive puppy raising skills have given a brief overview of the basics a puppy needs to become a good canine citizen. They need to understand where they fit in the home and how you expect them to behave. Just like children, puppies need consistency and love to become good members of the family.

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  1. good morning. I have a new eight week old German Australian shepherd. my joke at this time as she is probably smarter than I am! 🤷‍♀️. I am looking for information as to when she should start her first puppy trainings? I am in Ada and I work full-time so bringing her there three times a week would not be an option. needing cost and suggestions? Thanks so much!

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