Halloween dog costumes

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Happy Growl-O-Ween! It’s a spooky season, time to dress up your pet. Check out our 13 spooktacular Halloween dog costumes. These costumes are picked by Buckaroos to provide a fun costume idea no matter what the pet’s personality and comfort level. Some are store-bought and for our crafters, we have a few do-it-yourself options.

1. Security t-shirt

Most dogs like to think they are our personal security anyway, might as well dress them like it! This is a great choice for dogs just learning to wear costumes or “clothes” in general as it is just a simple shirt. Remember to always make costumes a positive experience with treats and praise when your pet first puts them on.

2. Banana Split sundae

This is a super cute costume for a sweet dog! Simple and easy, it’s similar to a harness in the fit. This is great for large breed dogs with long backs to wear this well and it’s easy to keep a leash on your pet while they wear this. Everyone will enjoy this sweet idea!

3. ewok from star wars

Do people say your small breed dog looks like a bear? Why not let them look like a cute lil Ewok! Star Wars is very popular and most people will know what your dog is supposed to look like in this adorable 1 of the 13 spooktacular Halloween dog costumes. This one does cover the dog’s ears so be sure they are comfortable with it before expecting them to wear it for a long period of time.

4. spider

If your dog is an experienced costume wearer, nothing is more spooky to humans than this spider costume! It is very elaborate so it can be intimidating to dogs who are not used to it. Lots of treats and praise along with wearing it for short time periods to start. Practice before your Halloween event so your pet will be willing to wear it for a long time. It’s a definite head turner!

5. condiments

Calling all multiple dog owners, this one is for you! Simple and easy, you can dress your multiple dogs as ketchup and mustard! If you need more, do relish, mayonnaise, or barbecue sauce! These are easy to find online or easy to do-it-yourself for creative owners. The correct color t-shirts and felt for labels is all you need!

6. cowboy rider

This costume will have you yelling yee-haw! This is great for all breeds, but tends to get extra laughs on small dogs since they are less “horse-sized.” Another easy costume for beginner costume wearers but some dogs may need adjustment to the movement a bit. Be sure to start with short sessions first so your dog is ready for the big event and your doggie daycare and boarding facility like Buckaroos 360 dog care.

7. rainbow tie

If your pet is just not a fan of wearing anything, try this cute rainbow tie to make them look like a clown! It’s actually a collar so they should feel very comfortable with it. This is a good choice for medium to large-sized dogs. If they try to grab it in their mouth, you can always try flipping it so it lays flat on their back as well. Makes them look formal with minimal effort!

8. Cupcake

This is another great one for a sweet pooch! This one has do-it-yourself instructions available to customize for any breed. There are also store-bought ones as well. Is your dog named Cupcake? Then you need this one for sure! This is also a great one for therapy dogs to wear when they’re visiting patients. Because let’s be honest, you can’t be sad when you’re holding a cupcake.

9. martini

How about a great costume for making a funny out of a less-than-ideal situation? Did your dog have a medical issue that is causing them to have to wear an Elizabethan collar? Take advantage and make them into a martini! This is sure to get a lot of laughs from the older crowd. Dress to the 9s and take your martini to a fun costume party at doggie daycare with this great idea from the 13 spooktacular Halloween dog costumes!

10. S’more

Turn your dog into everyone’s favorite campfire treat, a s’more! How cute would this be on a small white or brown dog? Easy DIY instructions are here. With the cardboard being underneath their belly, this might take a little desensitization. Practice walking on the cardboard first and then petting your dog with it while rewarding them with treats. They will get comfortable with it quickly with positive reinforcement.

11. surfer and shark

Why just dress up your pet when you can dress up with them in a cute pet & owner costume! Wear your favorite beachwear and make a half-eaten surfboard out of foam board. Then make a shark fin for your dog! The do-it-yourself instructions are here. This is a great large breed dog costume as the fin looks rather comical on them!

12. Ninja turtle

For our more elaborate crafters, this do-it-yourself costume is more elaborate! The ninja turtle is sure to be a hit with all ages. The instructions are for a larger dog but can be modified for a small dog as well. Definitely a show stopper of the 13 spooktacular Halloween dog costumes!

13. Lobster and butter

Another great idea for multiple dog families! This do-it-yourself costume can be customized for any size dog. They also work great on multiple coat colors of dogs. Be sure to bring a sense of humor as this costume invokes laughs from foodies everywhere!

These 13 spooktacular Halloween dog costumes are sure to be hits at all of your Halloween parties! There are many online photo contests, including the one here at Buckaroos 360 dog care! Be sure to work with desensitizing your dog with our training techniques. Check it out here and enter today. All proceeds benefit rescue dogs!

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