Prepare Your Dog For Holiday Guest 

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You may be joyfully looking forward to the holiday season, but Being a dog owner, you have your concerns and you need to Prepare Your Dog For Holiday Guest. And yes, we understand that it regards your pet. Preparing for the holidays means that looking after your little buddy will be an extra task for you and if you are still wondering why it will be an issue, let us enlighten you.

  • There will be new people around – guests will be pouring in from different places to crash at your place.
  • Your dog will encounter new faces, even if it is just for lunches and dinners.
  • You might be traveling and planning to stay at a relative’s place, which may or may not be pet friendly in various aspects.
  • Traveling with your pet will be an issue if you haven’t previously done so or if your dog is not trained for it.
  • The holiday season means that the neighborhood will start buzzing suddenly with noises, vehicles, kids, and more which can excite or scare your dog.

These are just a few concerns you must consider now that the season is fast approaching. But we have got you covered! And apart from everything, you need to remember that a positive attitude and patience are essential when socializing a dog – no matter his age. It’s vital to read your dog’s body language to know when he feels uncomfortable or hesitant in new situations and to respect his feelings in those moments.

How Do I Prepare Your Dog For Holiday Guest?

Train them

Yes! The best and safest approach to enable your dog to deal with the situation is by training them. And it may not necessarily be only to deal with new people; it can be multiple teachings to practice when you need to calm your dog down. For example, training them to Sit or Stay will come in handy if you see your dog is ready to charge toward a guest or pounce on something. You can check out the blog 5 Minutes Basic Dog Training Exercises.

Similarly, escalate your dog’s socializing with your fellow friends and neighbors so that he does not find your guests as intruders and is more or less comfortable around people other than his mates. 

Introduce the dog

It’s best to ask the new person not to approach or speak to your dog until you’ve had a chance to introduce them first. It would help if you stood between them, which can create a protective barrier for your dog. Until your pet moves his first step without fear, he can accept this type of contact.

Help them build a rapport

If you have a dog wary of strangers, you can try offering treats to your dog from the guest. Treats can introduce affection and lower the stranger danger alert. Ask your guest to leave treats for your dogs randomly but make sure they see who is doing it. Once they pick the treats, they can place them near them and eventually offer them with their own hands. By that time, your dog should allow them to pet and caress them. 

Prepare them

Preparing for the worse might also apply to your dogs. Pets are never comfortable around aggressive and loud noises. You must have experienced that during the 4th of July celebrations, and if your dog had given you a hard time during those times, things might also go downhill this season. 

Start a little early

Start a little early by practicing playing with loud noises in the house and staying calm so that your dog can imitate or teach it to ignore the hassle. You can divert their attention by starting to play with them or treating them once they don’t react to a loud sound. Check out Prepare, your dog for fireworks 4th of July.

Give them their space

If you need to party all day and all night, it’s best that you keep your dog away from all the commotion and not feel guilty about ignoring them. If possible, lend them a place designed to entertain them throughout your party time. It can have treats, toys, or any other entertainment they love and enjoy. Do keep a check on them, but the more they are away from the chaos, the less concerned they become.

Get them accustomed to a carrier

If you are planning to travel with your dog, one of the most vital tasks is to get them in the habit of staying in the carrier. You might be flying or traveling by road; however, a carrier is the safest option for carrying your pet. But make sure they are relaxed and have slept over their tiredness before they meet new people, as traveling can be exhausting. 

Never disturb the routine

If you want your pet to act normal around guests, you should keep the environment and the schedule familiar and routine. Their feeding times, their walks, their playtime, nothing should change or be ignored to preserve their sanity and make them feel comfortable throughout the holiday season. Of course, you can take some alternate measures if the situation classifies, but other than that, prioritize their needs above others’ and yours, as they are entirely dependent on you. 

The last resort

If all is in vain and you think you may be unable to handle the stress, do yourself and your pet a favor and board them. We at Buckaroos 360 offer the best dog boarding services – whether you want to leave your pal for a few hours, a day, or the entire holiday season. Whether you are planning to travel and cannot accommodate your furry friend in your traveling plans. We welcome them with open arms and promise to take excellent care of little buddies. 

Enjoy your holidays guilt-free because we assure you they are in excellent and safe hands with us. 

To Sum Up

Dogs are loyal and will do anything they can to please their humans. But sometimes, dogs can be a little too excited and scared to see people they are unfamiliar with. This can happen especially when you are expecting guests, and there is no way to avoid them during the holiday season. But introducing your dog to the holiday guests should not be overwhelming. Train your dog and try to manage with the suggestions above to have a memorable holiday season with your loved ones.  

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