5 Amazing Tricks For Treat Your Dog Will Love

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Tricks For Treat Your Dog: Dogs, as pets, are the most lovable creatures in our lives. They provide us with endless love and happiness; even better, they ask for nothing in return. That’s why it’s always lovely to adopt new ways to show our furry friends how much we care about them. Teaching them tricks to spend time with them and making them feel loved are one of the few things they deserve as our pals. 

 It is also a given that frequent treats work like a charm when we want to train our dogs’ new tricks. And once they willingly pursue it, you feel on top of the world. Here are 5 amazing tricks for treats that dogs will love to learn and then practice with you for the rest of their lives.

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Teach Your Dog To Hug Tricks For Treat

Teaching your dog to hug is a lovely gesture you will enjoy thoroughly. It sparks more consideration and affection towards each other and sometimes is just enough to resolve all emotional issues. 

To Teach Your Dog To Hug:

  1. Take a treat in your hand; first, make sure your dog sees it. Guide your dog towards the treat and move your hand towards your head. When your dog tries to reach for it, it will place its paws on your shoulders. 
  2. You can place his paws exactly where you want once he is calm and is not very excited about the treat. 
  3. Make sure that your dog leans forward on you with his paws in a single jump.
  4. Keep hugging your dog back with a command like “Hug” till it gets the hang of it. 
  5. Continue with treats, then lessen the treats and observe if they can follow the cue. Eventually, practice without the treats to do this trick as a routine.

 Teach Your Dog To Shake Paws

A handshake or, instead, a paw shale is a good trick to teach your dog as it will impress any newcomers and guests in your house. It will also enlighten your mood when you engage in a paw shake with your buddy after coming home from work.

To teach your dog paw shake:

  1. It would work best if you made your dog lend out its paw for the trick to work. To do that, hold a few treats in your hand and ensure your dog gets a peek at them.
  2. Close your fist and keep your hand out so your dog reacts and places his paw on it.
  3. Once the paw is on your hand, use the command ‘Shake’ and give him the treats.
  4. Repeat the gesture with lesser treats or with some appreciation and petting until the trick is done without the treats.

 Teach Your Dog To Spin

Asking your dog to spin is playful and enjoyable. Puppies and young dogs have a wonderful time practicing this trick with the kids in the house. 

To teach your dog to Spin:

  1. Start by having your dog in the standing position and avoid all distractions. You will need their undivided attention for this trick. Take your hand with the treat near your dog’s nose so that it is able to smell the treat. 
  2. Make a full circle above their head with the hand holding the treat. Your dog will follow the hand and make a complete circle itself. Cue the action with “Spin” and keep repeating with more circles, then give the treat.
  3. You can also practice without the treats once they get the hang of it.

Teach Your Dog To Sit Pretty

“Sit pretty” isn’t just a fun way to take cute pictures of your pup.- it’s also an excellent exercise for your dog. Helping your dog sit this way can improve its balance and build core muscles. However, be sure your dog is healthy enough for this trick, as it can strain the dog’s hind legs and spine. 

To teach your dog to Sit Pretty.

  1. You will start by having your dog in the sitting position. You can use your command “Sit” if your dog is familiar with it.
  2. Get your dog to sniff and show it that you are holding a treat in your hand. Start moving your hand upwards.
  3. Let your dog follow your hand and raise his head and body.
  4. As he lifts his forelegs, give them support to adjust their balance.
  5. Once they sit comfortably on their hind legs, move your arm away, and accompany it with a command “Sit Pretty,” and treat them.
  6. We need to teach them the trek, so keep pouring in those treats until they are ready to respond to the cue without any.

Teach Your Dog To Play Dead

The “play dead” party trick will impress your guests! Unlike more straightforward commands like sitting or shaking hands, playing dead requires more time and effort to perfect. But don’t worry, with some practice, you’ll have your guests fooled in no time!

To teach your dog to Play Dead:

  1. Start by getting your dog in the down position and kneeling before them. Then, hold a small treat in your hand near their nose on one side of their head and let them sniff it, so they know it’s there.
  2. Slowly move your hand from the side of the head across to the dog’s shoulder, and as they follow your hand with their nose, they should lay flat on their side. Repeat this a few times, saying the cue “Play dead” each time you do it.
  3. Once they get the hang of it, have your dog hold the position for a  bit longer before giving them the treat. Use a cue, such as “OK” or “All done,” when you want them to sit up again. 

To Sum Up

Dogs can be very loving and loyal pets, especially when young. You can teach your dog to follow your commands with a little effort. If you want to train your dog to do a particular trick, you should start with the easiest tricks and work your way up. It’s also important to decide what kind of treats your dog will appreciate when learning a trick. Sometimes wrong treats might not trigger them to focus on the training, and all your efforts will be in vain. Try out these 5 amazing tricks for treats that dogs will love to practice with you, and you will enjoy training them. 

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