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We are in the middle of the dog days of summer! Keep your pet cool with these 5 super cooling dog tips. Your pet will be able to enjoy the hot temperatures without risk of the awful effects of dehydration. We know summer trips are also going on, so be sure to share these with your favorite boarding place to help your dog enjoy it’s time!

Icee Cool Water

Icee Cool Water

Provide cool, fresh water with ice to your dog on hot day. The extra cool water help dogs cool down faster. Also, you can dip your dog’s paws in the ice water. This will help cool down your over-heated dogs. If ever feel your dog is overheating, it always best to cool a dog from paws up. On hot days it is best to provide fresh cool clean water to your dogs at all times. Knowing our 5 super cooling dog tips are essential for the health of dogs.

Doggie Pools 

Doggie Pools 

Using a small container, like a kiddie pool, in the shade will give your friend a puppy paradise. Creating a small oasis in shady area will benefit them on hot days. Placing sand around your pool in a shady spot will be enjoyable for them. Letting them romp and play in the water will make them a You both can spend time together for a little afternoon siesta are cool off 

Well-Ventilated Area With Shade

Well-Ventilated Area With Shade

Dogs enjoy being outside and if we make it comfortable for them, they will stay out and play as long as possible. A well-ventilated area with shade is a great place to play with your dog! Trees make great shade. If your yard is lacking trees, you can create a shady spot with a tarp or blanket by tying one side high to a wall or fence and anchoring the other side. The 5 super cooling dog tips like this will allow your dog to enjoy laying out of the sun in the cool grass with a breeze once they have played!

Frozen Dog Treats

Frozen Dog Treats

Does your dog have a favorite treat? Consider freezing some and making frozen dog treats! You can take their favorite soft treat and freeze them to make them last longer in the summer heat. Another option is to take dry treats and freeze them into water and create tasty ice cubes! You can then place these in their water bowl or give them to them outside for a fun, interactive toy. There are also many recipes online to create frozen dog treats for your best friend.

5 Super Cooling Dog Tips: Make A Doggie Smoothie Or Ice Pops

Make A Doggie Smoothie Or Ice Pops

There are many treats that can fit into a smoothie or ice pop for your friend! Many fruits and other human foods are healthy choices for your dog. Here is a recipe to make a smoothie or freeze into ice cube trays to make a tasty frozen treat for your friend.

  • 1 1/3 cup seedless watermelon pieces
  • 3/4 cup plain yogurt
  • 2 1/2 tsp honey

Blend all ingredients into a smoothie or freeze into ice cube trees for your buddy! These are a great way to cool your pet off so they can relax and stay hydrated.

We hope these 5 super cooling dog tips help you and your pet keep cool during the dog days of summer! Having a dog is a big responsibility and we know you enjoy having your pet stay comfortable and happy.


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