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Your best friend always deserves the best even if you can’t take them with you every time. You should ask these 5 genius questions for dog boarding to find the best location for your dog. Considering your dog is your best friend, you only want the very best for them. Always giving your dog a positive experience will help them become more comfortable with you leaving. Always choose the best for your best friend.

First genius question: Do you provide 24 hour on duty staff?

Your dog’s safety should always be top priority. Having someone available at all times can help prevent accidents. Some dogs require special needs during the night or very early morning. When someone is on duty your pet will always get the attention they need. Your dog will also be in new environment which can be very stressful. Having a person around 24 hours a day will help them feel a little more at home making this one of your favorite five genius questions for dog boarding.

Question two keeps safety first: Does your staff know life saving skills?

Accidents will happen. No matter where your pet is there is a lot of danger. It is best to keep that in mind, even at home. When you are trusting someone with your best friend, they need to understand your dog is very special. When a dog is hurt, professional staff trained in first aid should be available to help your dog. Veterinarians are not always open and also require time to get them. Staff members that are prepared will help save precious time in a unfortunate event. Being prepared in the event of an emergency will make things better for everyone. Always make this one of your five genius questions for dog boarding.

Question three of 5 genius questions for dog boarding: Does your staff understand dog behaviors?

Keeping your dog safe is very important. Your dogs deserve to play and stay in a safe environment. Understanding dog behaviors and different dog breed’s instincts is very important. Appropriate play groups and size will give your dogs the best experience. Professionally trained staff will help eliminate undesired dog behaviors and accidents. Dog care givers that understand how to communicate with dogs and understanding dog body language can keep the peace while creating positive experiences for future stays.

Question four about experience: How much experience do you have with dog care?

Experienced dog sitters for your K9 companion will improve your dogs over all safety. Experience comes with time and practice working around dogs. Having dog training classes and first aid classes is must for all dog boarding staff members. These classes help prepare staff for emergencies the arise. Dog behavior is often repetitive so professionally trained staff know when they are rewarding versus discouraging a behavior. Experience comes with time so consider how long a dog care center has been in business. Consider owner credentials. Just raising your own dog isn’t enough experience to care for someone else’s dog. Staff need to attend safety courses so they can learn to properly deal with unwanted situations and diffuse potential confrontations.

Question five of 5 genius questions for dog boarding: where does my dog stay?

This question concerns your dog safety. Using dog safe materials and cleaning supplies is best. Wooden fence or chained link fence are not best. Trained personnel know these are safety hazards for many dogs. Dogs do sometimes carry air born illnesses that may show up after they are dropped off for boarding. Having solid wall play yards and housing areas are essential to keep air born pathogens from spreading quickly. Professional dog boarders have segregated play yards to keep all dogs safe and give your dog the best experience possible.

Of the 5 genius questions for dog boarding, all of them are important. Check references and valuable resources such as the American Kennel Club (AKC) for quality information on dog boarding. Using this information will provide the best experience for you and your best friend.

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