6 Low Cost DIY Crafts To Support Your Local Dog Shelter

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Do you have a close affinity with your local dog shelter? Do you want to help them? 

As pet lovers, we often long to help shelter pets but cannot do so as we want to. Unfortunately, we all don’t have the kind of money to donate or the ability to foster a dog for numerous reasons. However, there’s good news! We’re reminded not to give up hope just yet! 

No matter your limits as an animal lover, you can still help dogs at the shelter. Using your creativity, you can make some DIY crafts to support your local dog shelter. The dogs there will love your contribution, and you can inspire others to do the same. 

Since National Craft Day for your Local Shelters is approaching soon, let us give you some ideas to help celebrate the day in full swing. So get creative and let your furry pals enjoy the 21st of July with some handmade dog toys for shelter. 

Check out these fun DIY crafts you can do alone or exclusively with other dog lovers. If you would like to collaborate you can check Our social media and reach out to us.

DIY Dog Bed

The best item to donate is the one that is most needed. For example, shelters and rescue centers usually need dog beds; hence it will be an excellent place to start. Making dog beds for shelter is putting your old blankets or sweaters to good use. 

You will need an old blanket or two sweaters.

If working with a blanket, fold the blanket in half and sew two of the sides together. Stuff old clothes or cotton from the remaining open end and sew that to close all the sides. The edges can be further embellished, or you can sew from the inner side and then turn the blanket inside out before filling. 

If working with a sweater, cut off the sleeves and one side. Lay down one on the other and try to get two perfect rectangles or squares of equal size. Sew the sides together, leave one end for the filling, and sew that away too close. A nice warm and comfy bed is ready to be delivered.  

Well, you have created a soft place to sleep for your local shelter dogs.

DIY Dog Blanket

This one is easy – and does not require any sewing. First, line up some fleece blankets; 2 would be better to provide warmth and durability. Next, lay the blankets flat and try to get the edges together, keeping them on the other. 

Start by making cuts on the sides that are around 3- 4 inches long and 1 inch wide. You may use a measuring tape to get some accuracy and an outstanding final product. Once all the sides are done, cut out small squares from each corner to have a fine rounded corner at the end.

The rectangular cuts will now be tied together in a knot. Superficial knots are fine and don’t be afraid to stretch the fleece. When you are done with all the rectangles around the blanket, stretch out any wrinkles or uneven seams. And your blanket is ready.

What’s great about these blankets is that they are easy to create and can be made in different colors. And most amazingly, besides being versatile, they make great gifts, especially for those little canines at the shelter. 

DIY Dog Toys

Toys are the best way to keep the dogs entertained and relaxed at the shelter. So gather your old T-shirts and towels to put them to productive use and make chewable toys and tug toys for the dogs. The procedure is simple; you need to cut long strips of cloth or a towel. Cut as many as you want. Once the strips are ready, gather some and make sure they have equal length. 

Three strips for one or two are enough if you have a durable material. If you want to make something heavy and sturdy:

  • Take strips in multiples of three.
  • Tie the ends of the strips together and start braiding them into the length you desire.
  • Once you have achieved the required size, tie the ends together and cut off the excess length. 

Give yourself three cheers for making an excellent toy for local shelter dogs and cherish your wins. You can also work with colorful pieces of cloth and make them in different lengths for different breeds. 

DIY Crafts Dog Bandanas

Cute no-sew bandanas or even the ones having “Adopt Me” printed or stitched on them can turn out to be an extraordinary gift for the furry fellows. Having a bandana flaunting around their neck or their head with a little adopt me plea is sure to grab some attention. Plus, it makes them look very cute.

DIY Dog Treats

Nothing is as good as the food! And especially if it’s a homemade jerky or a homemade summer treat for the dogs. Bring down some edible treats for the eagerly waiting darlings to treat them to some of your delicious delights and make them your forever friends. For inspiration, you can check out some fabulous recipes under the best summertime cooling dog treats.

DIY Crafts Puzzle Dog Mats

Who doesn’t love puzzles? This puzzle activity is both rewarding and disciplining. DIY puzzles or snuggle mats have pockets or flaps with treats hidden underneath. The dogs can play around sniffing and searching for food and reward themselves once they find it. This mat helps the dogs with their olfactory senses, stimulates mental stability, increases their stamina, and they feel joyous while having the treats. 

It can be made using a rubber mat with holes and fleece material cut up in strips. The holes on the mat are covered with knotted fleece strips resembling a complex texture and a great place to hide snacks and treats for the dogs. The dogs snuffle through the mat to find what’s hidden and pull out their rewards. 

To Sum Up – You Can Do More Than You Can Imagine

There is much more that you can do. For example, many sewing projects for animal shelters are available if you are good at it. Or maybe you can revamp some of your old furniture and donate it to the shelter. Anything is useful as long as it’s in a stable and clean condition. Similarly, you can devote more time to maybe giving or getting lessons on How do you make dog toys for shelter? 

Why not start a campaign on National Craft Day for your Local Shelter’s Day and collect DIY toys made by your neighborhood for the dogs and send them to animal shelters. You can even send them out to shelters located outside your city. So in a way, DIY crafts to support your local dog shelter is a great idea indeed. 

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