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During these uncertain times, we need to remember that our best friends need us. At Buckaroos, we offer virtual online dog training! Traditional dog training often involved group community classes or training outside of the home. Due to COVID-19 most of those situations are no longer offered or ideal due to safety regulations. We understand that everyone has a different comfort level of what they would currently like to experience. Buckaroos is now offering virtual online dog training in the comfort of your home. These five-lifetime benefits will help you shape your dog into a canine good citizen.

1. Learning how to communicate in a language they understand

Dogs have a special language of their own. We believe that it is only fair to try and learn from them and how they speak. Dogs look for good leadership, but first, we must learn how to listen and communicate with them. Dogs learn in pictures. A picture of a dog can be any scenario that changes. For example, when at the park, and a squirrel runs by, the picture changes. When you practice training your dog in your living room, your dog will only know your signals in that picture. We must move them to various places 50 different times before dogs really understand the picture we want.

2. Build a better relationship through virtual online dog training

Dogs naturally want to please. They have been selectively bred since being domesticated to be happy learners. Remain patient with your dogs. They just want to please you. They need to learn our cues and what they mean. Just like us, they must be taught the behaviors we desire. With the guidance of our virtual dog trainer, you will learn to be consistent and show your pet how to respond with positive reinforcement and rewards. Your dog already knows everything you are going to teach him/her. All you’re going to do is teach them the English word for these behaviors.

3. Learn drills for dog training skills

It is important to know how and when to speak. Virtual online dog training with the assistance of our professional dog trainer will train you to train your dog in the comfort and safety of your own home. Dogs will repeat desired behaviors that we reward with praise, “Yes” and “Nice” are great praise markers. Capture desired behaviors with a word, and they will be repeated. Begin coaching your dog with a toy or treats.

Use your marker as soon as you see the desired behavior. It is important to move quickly, so they can associate the behavior. So for example, when your pup stays with all four feet on the ground, quickly say “Yes” with a positive tone, and then reward with a tasty treat.

4. Teaching manners for a polite canine good citizen

Everyone loves a well-mannered dog. The term “good dog” is popular because of dogs that are well-trained. All training requires consistency and patience. We need to allow our dogs time and space to learn in new environments and places. We must try our best to give them a positive experience. If you feel that your partner is overwhelmed, it is best to move out of that scenario, and maybe train a little bit further away. With virtual online dog training, you will be able to “take the trainer with you” into different environments while you train in a different picture with your dog.

5. Create a solid foundation for a lifetime of happiness

Dogs enjoy happiness. Building a solid foundation will begin with you maintaining good emotions and positive thinking. Dogs and puppies can read our emotions. Your body language is another way to speak to your dog. Emotions they can pick up on include frustration, joy, and confidence. So it’s important to project not only with your words but also with your movements and mannerisms. Try your best to practice with positivity!

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