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There’s plenty of must-dos in dog training. There is also a lot of don’ts . Don’ts do not necessarily mean for your dog, but for you as the trainer. Keeping everything positive and consistent is the best you can do for your best friend. Go through these dog training don’ts as a reminder to be a great dog trainer!

Don’t chase your dog

Chasing is a favorite game of many dogs. Your dog learns the once chased, being caught usually results in something unpleasant.

Don’t call your dog for doing something wrong

Your dog will associate unpleasant things happening with the act of coming when called. Go to your dog quietly if you need to do something he doesn’t like.

Don’t hit your dog with your hands, feet, or any object

Dogs do not understand physical pain as a correction. Hitting as punishment results in a somewhat obedient but fearful, insecure, or aggressive pet.

Don’t let others undo your training

Friends mean well, but do not permit them to let your dog do something you have trained him not to do. Examples of this are jumping or begging.

Don’t give up

Your dog deserves more than a week or two of your time. All dogs are smart enough to learn far more than they are ever taught, but months are required to make your dog a polished performer. If your dog is not progressing to your satisfaction, examine your own efforts in training before blaming the dog.

You are starting you dog’s education in good manners to make him a welcome member of human society. These don’ts in dog training will keep you on track to train a canine companion. With plenty of PRACTICE, PATIENCE, AND PERSEVERENCE, the pleasure you and your dog will derive from the time and effort involved will more than repay you.

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