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Were you looking for a perfect dog breed to give you compassion every time!! Well, I think you’ve found it. You might remember Nana from Peter Pan. Yes, today we’re going to talk about them- The Newfoundland dogs. They were popularized throughout the movie as ideal nanny dogs widely used for therapy. Apart from being sensitive and loving, they possess other characteristics as well, that make them a classic family mate!! 

Well I know you are partially impressed by this breed, but to make you fall in love with them, here are 8 facts about Newfoundland dogs and puppies you shouldn’t miss out on!!

8 Facts About Newfoundland Dogs You Should Know!!

Newfoundlands are Giant Dogs 

According to the American Kennel Club, Newfoundland dogs are considered to be the most giant dog breed, having a thick coat and a strong bulky body. Males in this species usually stand 28 inches i.e, 71 cm tall while females stand 26 inches i.e, 66 cm tall. This is more than an average human’s size!! 

A medium-sized dog is somewhere between 20 inches tall, so you can make your calculations about how big a Newfoundland dogs are. As they are really big, they also need more space, said Bill Lambert a member of  The Kennel Club

As they are huge, they are quite strong and weigh somewhere between 100-150 pounds on average! If so you’re planning to home this breed, you surely need a huge space and dedicated dog rooms to give them comfort!!

Newfoundland dogs are Gentle Giants

Newfoundland dogs are mostly quite gentle, sensitive, and emotionally available than what their physique conveys. Usually, when we see such a huge dog we often get terrified and consider them harmful. But with this breed, they are quite the opposite of what they portray. 

They have a calmer personality compared to any other breed and are family-oriented dogs. They are children friendly and act up protective if they sense any danger!! Even if you need a loving family dog, do consider their size before taking any serious situation!!

Newfoundland Dogs are Canadian 

The Newfoundland dog breed considers Canada as its hometown. They belonged to the Newfoundland area, an island off-coast of Canada. Most of the characteristics displayed to them evolved due to the environment in which they grew up. As they were constantly surrounded by icy water they become exceptional swimmers. 

They were widely bred from the 17th century to help Canadian fishermen in their businesses. Even the credits for the thick water-resistant coat of Newfoundland dogs can be given to Canada because of its weather. 

Great Rescue Dogs

As they were born in Newfoundland an island, they had swimming in their genes. They became the most used dogs in water rescue operations. As they possessed a water-resistant double coat, they could swim for longer hours without getting tired. This was possible because of the oily hair type these dogs had. They even come in grey, black, or brown and white water-resistant coats. They also had webbed feet that make it easier for them to swim through water.

These dogs were primarily bred to help out fishermen during cold weather. Today they are widely used for water rescue operations, retrieval of lost equipment, and fishing. Apart from being excellent swimmers, they are quite obedient and agile which makes them the best choice for rescuing people. They are quick learners and quite gentle when it comes to dealing with children and people. 

Most Intelligent Of Their Pack 

Other than Huskies, there isn’t any specific breed as intelligent as Newfoundlands. They are a definition of beauty with brains. They take their responsibility seriously and are easily trainable. They also show excellent flexibility and conformity which makes them an ideal dog breed when it comes to public service.

We just read how good Newfoundlands are with swimming but apart from that they are also great emotional support dogs. Due to their gentle and emphatic nature, they are also used as therapy dogs. They are trained to show affection, emotional support, and comfort to people in need!!

Most Traveled Dog in Human History

Newfoundland is an adventurous breed and has been a great companion during long-distance travels. It was the first breed to be the most traveled dog in human history. They lived for 3 years on a ship with two travelers. Newfoundlands were called Seaman during those days, as they were excellent swimmers. 

They were chosen as travel companions due to their gentle nature, brave personality, and excellent swimming skills. As a dog breed, they had everything a human would need. They were capable of giving comfort during hard times, protecting during dangers, and could save people from drowning. 

Newfoundlands Love to Eat

As Newfoundlands are giant and active, they need a lot of food to carry out their daily activities. A Newfoundland puppy can gain 100 lbs of weight during its first year. So just imagine the type and quantity of food they might need throughout their lifetime. If you are planning to add a Newfie dog to your family then be aware of their diet requirements beforehand. 

Newfoundlands are Exercise Freak

As a Newfie parent, you should know that they love to exercise. Even though they are calm and relaxed all the time, they need enough exercise and walks throughout the day to drain their excess energy and stay fit. As they are quite fond of eating, they would surely get overweight if proper exercise breaks aren’t followed. 

Newfoundlands are great house dogs but for play and exercise, they need a bigger space. If you have a small backyard, you can also take your Newfie on long walks and occasional swimming sessions to keep them fit and healthy. 

Newfoundlands- The famous breed of them all

For ages, Newfoundlands have been the most loved breed. They were favorites of famous travelers like Lewis and Clark, to known poets like Lord Byron, and Emily Dickinson. Even literary works like J.M. Barrie’s, and Peter Pan movies like Beethoven and Turner and Hooch made Newfie the ideal dog type to have!! 

Well if you were looking for the right reasons to get yourself a Newfie then I think you have found yours. After all, there’s nothing you can hate about these gentle creatures!! 

If you have just brought a Newfie home or are planning to get one our dog and puppy guide blogs can surely help you out as a newbie dog parent!! You can go check them out now!!

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