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Dogs are friendly and loyal animals. But you may see your dog jump on people every now and then. Dogs jumping up on people is a common incidence. Dogs do this for many reasons, such as seeking attention, excitement, or even just trying to be friendly. However, this behavior can cause problems if the person is elderly or frail. In this blog, I’ll examine why dogs jump on people and how to stop this behavior.

What Causes A Dog To Jump On You?

The most common cause of a dog jumping on its owner is its desire to greet them. They missed their pal and are now very excited to meet them. Reaching out as vertically above as possible is a reminiscent practice when puppies jump on their mummy dogs. However, it all looks sweet and adorable until your dog jumps on strangers or other dogs. Once this behavior develops or happens more than once, it is a sign of concern, and you need to find the root cause of it. 

Here are a few reasons why dogs may be feeling jumpy


Curiosity is not killing the cat but making your dog jump! Inquisitive dogs may find something interesting in terms of smell or looks and want to reach out. This might even include jumping on anyone besides their owner. 

Attention and Engagement 

Dogs are playful little chaps, and if you are not burning their energy, not taking them for walks or to the park to play, they will get excited. They might jump on you to signal that they want to play or might be seeking your attention. 


Not just the playful mood but a fear or some disturbance, too, might be the trigger. Anything new in the environment or something intimidating them can make them jump. They will want to approach you as a way of feeling secure or diverting your attention to the fact that something is wrong. Feeling different in terms of health, smelling something unusual, or sensing the danger of any kind – all can lead to a restless and disturbed behavior of your dog, including jumping and pouncing.


A dog will emit a low growl when it feels scared or threatened in any way – whether for its own life or the safety of its puppies. To ensure their safety, dogs can become defensive and even lash out at suspicious people. They may jump and leap on them or try to shoo them away. An anxious dog is capable of causing severe damage. And it may be restricted to property and other lives, so it’s essential to be aware of their behaviors when they feel threatened.

Stop Dogs From Jumping On People

As mentioned, your dog jumping on you looks delightful as they show off their excitement. But it might be tolerable when they are puppies, but the situation changes once they grow up and become adults. You might appreciate it less. Secondly, if your dog behaves like that for every other reason, it must be trained. 

To refrain from your DOGS JUMP ON PEOPLE at home or every other stranger in the park or on a walk, you can adhere to the following strategies.

Regular Exercise

Exercising regularly is essential for keeping a dog’s mood and energy level in check. A dog who doesn’t get to socialize often or stays indoors can become overexcited in the presence of other humans. Exercising daily helps form a routine, lets them become social, provides balance in behavior, and prevents an outbreak.

Mental Productivity

Engaging with your pet keeps them happy and mindful. Playing with them is the best way to train them and let them know that they are being loved. These interactions provide healthy mental simulations for your dog when you play with them and call out their names. This keeps them calm and discourages jumping. 


Train your dogs to sit and stand to divert them away from jumping. This training has to be accompanied by treats that your dog loves. If you are only aiming to train them not to jump, treat them when they don’t do it. Associate commands like ‘Down’ ‘No’ or another cue that stops them from bouncing. Treat them when they respond to the command, and do not jump. You can refer to our article about 5 Minutes Dog training Exercises to get a better idea. 

Divert Their Attention DOGS JUMP ON PEOPLE

Suppose your dog is behaving differently and jumping at someone in particular. In that case, you can divert their mind from it by handing them a toy. A fabulous new toy or an occasional toy will encourage them not to jump because they will await the reward. 

Act Before They React

If your dog jumps when they are scared or feeling threatened, try to tackle the situation before they react to it. You are the best analyst of your dog’s fears and likes; when you sense that your dog might be intimidated by something, do not let them interact. Try to get rid of the situation yourself or take your dog away from it to completely eliminate any chances of your dog feeling anxious and jumping on someone. 


Many dogs find it difficult to control the urge to jump on people. It varies from breed to breed, but most dogs that are kept as pets show off their excitement by jumping. But with everything else, a little training in this regard by you can give productive results. They can learn to stay calm and prevent exhibiting this habit in front of others. 

But even if your dog acts out in public or becomes difficult to manage after the treats and toys, you should consult a dog trainer like the professional ones at Buckaroos 360. Sometimes it might also be a health issue so you can visit the veterinarian. Dogs with trouble establishing boundaries with humans can be dangerous, so it’s essential to learn how to stop them from jumping on people. We hope this guide helps you calm your pet while walking and meeting strangers.

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