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Bright sunny days, crisp, golden sunshine, a nice tan, and fabulous beach parties come with a price. Heat, sweat, sunburn, heatstroke, and dehydration are the ugly sides to the summer season. And it is not just us but our pets too suffer the wrath of the scorching sun. Hence we present to you some tips on how to cool down a dog during summer.

It is not difficult to combat the hot weather by making a few adjustments in our routine, and we are also responsible for the well-being of our pet dogs. They indeed cannot narrate the way they feel, but with some expressions and in the correct capacity, we need to make sure they are safe. Let us take a look at some of the preventive measures we can certainly take to make our beloved pets feel comfortable. Let us work on making their summer experience a nice and memorable one, and try to answer you on how to cool down a dog that is overheating.

Water Should Be In Abundance And Easy To Access

Panting is one great sign to figure out that your dog is feeling hot. Humans sweat, but dogs let out their tongues and pant to resist the heat and that’s how dogs cool down naturally but that’s not enough during summer. Give them plenty of water to drink to help them cool off. Your best option on how to cool down a dog that is overheating is by offering him water to drink.

Make it a practice of frequently offering them water. Also, see to it that there is some available even when you are not around. The last thing you want is your dog dehydrating because of a lack of water to drink. Even if they are indoors, offer them water regularly. This will definitely help you to cool down a dog.

Some Ice Blocks Or Frozen Treats to cool down a dog

Yummy frozen treats will make your dogs feel glad and joyous like our kids. Of course, the whole idea is to treat them like our own offspring. Hence some homemade frozen flavored ice blocks or ice cream will surely cheer them up and how to cool down a dog During summer.

Provide Some Shade Outdoors to cool down a dog

It is not easy to keep your dogs confined to the house and try to cool down a dog during summer. At some point, you will have to let them out for their business or activities. Scheduling the activities in the cooler part of the day will keep the panting at bay and chances of heat strokes low. Comprehensively some shading assembled for the season will also help them relax.

Their kennels can be moved to a more pleasant or shaded area, or some extra temporary shades can be put up. Similarly, the exterior part of your house can use some awning on the patio or the windows, which will keep the area heat-proof for both your pets and you.

Using The Cooler Part Of The Day is a way of keeping dogs cool in the heatwave

Due to the hot weather, walks, runs, and playing simply can’t be halted. These are more of a necessity rather than playful exercises for your dog. To keep their digestive systems working well, dogs need to walk and indulge in some physical activities. But bringing them out during the day will be abusive and torturous for you and your pal. The cooler parts of the day can be utilized to exercise, walk or indulge in some activity. The early mornings and late evenings can be considered to be more pleasant than the rest of the day. It’s the simplest way of keeping dogs cool in the heatwave.

Reschedule your pet’s activity agendas to these proposed durations. At Buckaroos 360, the dog boarding experts ensure that weather conditions are carefully considered. Since your dog will spend their time doing leisurely activities, we make sure that the outdoor exposure is minimal.

During extreme temperatures, we change strategies that don’t reduce their playtime and keep them safe as well. Either we provide them a shaded area to play in or it is mostly indoors. The outdoor endeavors are managed at a suitable time of the day when it’s better.

Water For Playing and Soaking can cool down a dog

Let the water games begin! Weekend fun or some outdoor time during the day is still practical. Treating dogs to water activities is both fun and rewarding. Pools, sprinklers, spray guns, etc., will be enjoyed by you and your buddy.

Even just being able to soak themselves in a pool of water will release an adequate amount of heat and make them feel better. Remember that too much exposure to water all day long might result in sickness, so treat them only as much as they usually should.

A Visit To The Groomer

Are you wondering how to keep a dog with long hair cool in summer? Well, get rid of its long hair! Besides your visits to the grooming parlor, your dog may need an extra one when the temperatures start to rise.

Trimming off the excess fur coat and shortening the hair can affect the overall body temperature. Since hair and fur are good at trapping heat, the lesser, the better.

Unfortunately, if your busy schedule does not allow you to schedule a groomer’s appointment, we can help. Our pick and drop services will take your pet dog to the groomers and bring them back as well.

Dog Cooling Products

Our furry friends are also accommodated and treated exclusively with innovation at its peak. The pet industry is making some handy and intelligent products to keep dogs cool in summer.

There is a range of items like a cooling vest, which they can easily wear. It may contain a separate water pack that needs to be frozen before inserting it in the vest or a gel pack that does the same job. The vest can be easily strapped onto them and keeps their overall body cool.

There are cooling collars that may again contain gel or water, which first need to be placed in the freezer. Similarly, there are dog bandanas that not just cool your dog but also make them look cool and smart. Another beneficial dog cooling product is a cooling mat. It comes in various sizes and thicknesses and will have either a gel filling or water. The cold water or ice keeps the mat cool, and the foams with the cooling gel also help the dogs do the same.

They are one of your best options when you wonder how to keep a dog cool inside the house. Some other hacks can also be applied like using a wet towel or sprinkling the usual mat with water. The towel can be wrapped around your dog and as it starts to dry off, it cools the body. Similarly sitting on a damp mat or cloth will please your dog on a hot burning afternoon.

Keep The Dog’s Paws Cool

During summers, walking on the concrete floor can be challenging as they retain heat. Considering some customized dog boots or booties will have positive effects.

Many types of paw boots and booties are available that look fashionable and help your dog beat the ground heat. Some paw cooling products like paw collars are also readily available and can also help cool down a dog.

Fans And Other Cooling Appliances At Home

Speaking of keeping the dogs cool inside the house, get a compact table fan for them. It is one of the most economical and fastest ways to cool down dogs. Even a regular household fan directed towards them will help them keep cool.

This may not even be necessary if your house is centrally air-conditioned, as the indoors will be pretty cold. However, in extreme cases, fans make a nice addition to cooling agents.

Cars Are A Definite No During Summers

Leaving your dog in the car is the worst thing you can do. The sun’s blistering heat has an extended effect on the ones riding the car. Multiple ugly and life-threatening consequences can result if a dog is left locked in a parked car. Even if you evaluate that the duration will be short, you may trigger a heat stroke or severe panting. In any case, the best option is to take them with you or not bring them along.

At Buckaroos 360 we offer short-term boarding or dog sitting for your pets. Your urgent tasks can be executed stress-free without risking the life of your loved one. Another pro tip would be to use a good quality sunburn for your dog whenever you decide to take it outdoors.

Specific dog-kind sunscreens are available that are formulated for their skin type. Tried and tested on dogs themselves, these sunscreens can reduce the chances of sunburns which your dog is certainly prone to. Treat them with care as they are voiceless but brimming with love for you.

To Sum Up The Tips On How how to cool down a dog that is overheating

The kindness, the concern, and your affection towards your pet dog are enough to make things easy for it. Your unbiased love is planning and executing certain steps to make them feel comfortable even during summers. We at Buckaroos 360 also try our best to make things easy and home-like for your dog so that they can stay for a prolonged period.

We guarantee impeccable care, individual regard, a friendly environment, and your peace of mind. Other than that you now certainly know how to keep your dog cool during summer.

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