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Holidays are busy time of year for most humans with many people visiting. Let’s think about what is best for the family dog and help set them up for success! Dogs may be overwhelmed and/or present unwanted behaviors such as jumping on guests. The 5 Thanksgiving 360 Dog Care Tips will give you simple solutions to help you and your pet thru the holiday. We will also discuss holiday safety and dog first aid. We believe is best to have pawparedness. Download our Buckaroos 360 dog care app for your convenience! Available on the App Store and Google Play

practice the basics dog training skills 

Sometimes getting back to the basics is the best. Be prepared to make sure your dog really wants to sit for you. If the dog is really not sitting every time you ask, maybe they really don’t understand what we are asking. Especially with unfamiliar situations your dog may be confused what sit really means. To prepare, get some tasty treats and begin practicing with good sits. One the easiest way to teach sit is with a really valuable dog treat before meals. Take the tasty treat and hold it just a little over their noses, lift slightly towards their ears until their bottom touches the ground. Go slow and be patient. If they try to jump just remove your hand and try again.

Diy dog grooming tips 

Simple upkeep on your dog grooming will help when guests arrive. Some dog cologne and simple brushing before the big day will help keep your pup smelling fresh. Maybe you are considering professional grooming. A professional dog groomer will be busy during the holidays so you may want to consider booking in advance. Consider grooming your dog as one of your 5 Thanksgiving 360 Dog Care Tips.

360 K9 pawparedness 

Learn what is safe for your dog and what is okay to give to our dogs for treats during the holidays. We think our dogs deserve a special little healthy and safe treat for the occasion. After all, they are members of our family too! Buckaroos has a blog post on ten scary dog toxins to watch out for all year and especially during the festive season. A simple treat would be to boil the inside of your turkey and create your own meal. Do not add any seasoning. Let the broth cool before adding pieces of fresh cranberries, blueberries, and parts of the meat. Make sure there are no bones! You can also add some plain, cooked brown rice for extra texture. Freeze for a longer lasting tasty treat!

be ready for the unexpected 

Make sure you know who your closest open vet will be during the holidays. Learn dog first aid or brush up on your first aid training skills. Many things can happen during the holidays like choking, burns, scrapes, and cuts. Knowing what to do in event of and emergency is essential to your 5 Thanksgiving 360 Dog Care Tips. 

Time prepare for house guest 

In some cases, professional dog boarding or crate training may be the best option for the dog. Not all dogs or guests can cohabitate together because of allergies. Sometimes dogs can be overwhelmed with sudden changes in their environment so keep them safe and away from all these people and unfamiliar situations. They may consider strangers to mean danger. Sometimes dogs may want to run off because they are fearful and end up lost. Always make sure your dog has a microchip and a collar with a tag in place. Also, you may want to take a recent photo of your dog for extra safety.

Having our 5 Thanksgiving 360 Dog Care Tips handy will help your household be ready for the holidays. It is best to understand your dog’s behaviors and/or body language so that you can help them at all times. Enjoy your quality family time! We definitely appreciate everyone’s support. Will you join our 360 dog community? Remember it’s about keeping happy tails and putting our dogs first to keep them safe and healthy to the best of our abilities. We we wish you the best holiday season and happy tails to you. Please feel free to ask us any questions or comments below. 

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