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Keep it simple when trying to teach your dog new things. Spend just a few moments each day working on 5 minute basic dog training exercises with your dog. Try your best to always end on good moments. Simple, little things will definitely increase your dog’s desired behaviors. Practice as a team and be the leader of the team. These 5 minute basic dog training exercises will change unwanted dog behaviors.

Dog Leash Training Exercise

Desensitize your dog to learn how to wear a leash and a collar. This is essential for your dog’s safety. Dogs or puppies can learn to settle on their own with a simple 5 minutes per day exercise. Standing on your dog’s leash right where the leash bends as it touches the floor will teach them to settle. Depending on your dog’s size and dog leash length, try to keep your dog close with a loose leash. Don’t allow too much leash or not enough leash. During this exercise learn to relax with your dog for a few moments. Change rooms, places, and keep distance from distractions at first to keep the session short and effective.

desensitize your dog’s barking

If we want to really practice communicating with dogs, we can learn how to bark and reward at the perfect time. Don’t bark with or at your dog. Yelling at your dog to stop barking equates you barking with them in their language. Desensitizing your dog to doorbells, knocking on the door, and cars driving up will help decrease the amount of time that your dog will bark and how often they will bark. Make sounds a good thing, such as ringing the doorbell and giving your dog a treat as soon as the barking stops teach them to stay quiet. Use a marker such as “NICE!” to reward. Keep it simple, try your best to only speak when your dog is quiet.

teach your dog to touch

Getting your dog to touch things with its nose is a fun exercise. All dog breeds can learn effectively to touch your hand. You can begin with something tasty in your palm, trying to keep your hand open. Sometimes peanut butter works the best. As soon as your dog touches your hand, say “NICE!” and let them have the treat. A small dab will do at a time, mostly you just want the dog to touch your hand. With 5 minutes of these 5-minute basic dog training exercises per day, your dog will soon touch objects and point to things with their nose. Services dogs use this cute often.

Dog Bowl Control

Using your dog’s bowl at feeding time can teach your dog to sit without saying a word. This exercise will teach self-control and your dog to think for themselves. The bowl begins up and away from them. As you go down with food, if your dog moves bring your bowl back up. You want to begin the exercise with the bowl high enough to get them to sit, then bring it back down. Reward with the word “NICE!” and set the bowl down. Only speak when the dog does this correctly.

Feeding your dog with your hand

This exercise can help build your bond and teach your dog lots of tricks. Your timing with your marker work will become perfect with practice. You can really shape your desired behaviors with feeding on your hand. Trying to capture good behaviors can be tricky. Sometimes dogs really like to jump. So backing up and keeping your hand lower, you can teach your dog or puppy not to jump by only rewarding them when all four feet are on the ground. Praising with “NICE!” and give them treats from your hand as they walk with you.

Always remember to end on a good note! Spending a few moments of practicing will help teach you and your dog how to communicate together. These 5-minute basic dog training exercises will teach you timing and make a big difference quickly. The best time to end during any dog training exercise is on the best moments. Let your dog teach you what they know by showing you. In time, your team will be shining as you work together. Use your new leadership skills by practicing together. Your 360 dog care is very important to us. Please feel free to leave any questions.

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