Fabdog toy bundles foodies – 2

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Earth Animal No-Hide Strips: 1

Fromm Crunchy Os Bacon Blasters Flavor Dog Treats: 1


Introducing the Fabdog Toy Bundles Foodies – 2: The Ultimate Canine Delight!


Unlock a world of tail-wagging joy with our carefully curated bundle featuring fabdog Foodie Dog Toys, Earth Animal No-Hide Strips, and Fromm Crunchy Os Bacon Blasters Flavor Dog Treats. Perfect for small pups and senior dogs, this bundle combines playful entertainment with nutritious treats.


Fabdog Foodie Dog Toys:

  • Crafted with a durable polyester filling and a hidden squeaker for endless fun.
  • Choose from a delectable array of food-themed designs, including French fries, chocolate, cupcakes, cheeseburgers, pizza, doughnuts, bacon, and chicken.
  • Vibrant colors add a playful touch to your dog’s toy collection.
  • Easy-to-clean toys for a hassle-free playtime experience.


Earth Animal No-Hide Strips:

  • Made with humanely raised chicken, offering both nutrition and irresistible taste.
  • Versatile and convenient for dogs of all sizes, providing a quick reward, fast chew break, impromptu snack, or everyday chewing pleasure.
  • Rawhide-free delight, ensuring a safe chewing experience without synthetic chemicals or additives.


Fromm Crunchy Os Bacon Blasters Flavor Dog Treats:


  • Premium, crunchy dog treats for a recklessly crunchy experience.
  • Free from artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.
  • Suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages, with only 2 calories per treat.
  • Convenient resealable bag for freshness and on-the-go snacking.


Why Choose Fab Dog Toy Bundles Foodies – 2?


  1. Diverse Entertainment: Keep your dog engaged and entertained with a variety of squeaky, food-themed toys.
  2. Quality Assurance: Fabdog is a trusted name in high-quality pet products, ensuring durability and safety.
  3. Wholesome Treats: Spoil your dog with Earth Animal No-Hide Strips and Fromm Crunchy Os, offering delicious and nutritious options.
  4. Convenient and Easy: Easy-to-clean toys and resealable treat packaging for freshness and convenience.
  5. Versatile Enjoyment: Suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages, providing a treat and toy option for every stage of your dog’s life.

Order the Fab Dog Toy Bundles Foodies – 2 now and treat your furry friend to a bundle of joy!


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