holiday rescue
dog food drive

holiday rescue
dog food drive


In this season of Christmas, let’s come together and make donation to make a difference in the lives of millions of rescue dogs who suffer due to the heartbreaking reality of being surrendered to make room for new puppies. At Buckaroos 360 Dogg Care, our hearts are dedicated to these rescue dogs, and currently, we have 15 precious souls seeking homes. 

Your support is crucial, especially during this time of year. While we recognize economic challenges, these dogs didn’t choose to be displaced from their homes. A small donation from you could be the gift that provides them a second chance. Thank you from Buckaroos 360 Dog Care Team

your gifts gave hope

In the heart of despair, a dog named Hope was rescued by Buckaroos 360 Dog Care Team. Hope, malnourished and abandoned, found a second chance at life. Through Buckaroos 360 Dog Care Team‘s care, she transformed from a symbol of neglect to a beacon of resilience.

This Christmas, Buckaroos 360 Dog Care invites you to be part of Hope’s story. Your donation can save more lives like Hope’s, offering abandoned dogs a loving home and a new beginning. Join us in spreading hope, love, and compassion this holiday season. Donate to Buckaroos 360 Dog Care and make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

your gifts saved fancy

In the crisp December air of 2022, a 2-year-old standard poodle named Fancy found herself surrendering to Buckaroos 360 Dog Care. Her former owners, making room for a new puppy at Christmas, left Fancy behind. Neglect and abuse marked her past, but hope emerged in the form of Buckaroos 360 Dog Care Team.

Under Buckaroos 360 Dog Care Team‘s care, Fancy underwent extensive training, transforming into a remarkable therapy dog. Together, they now embark on a journey of healing, visiting children, comforting veterans, and educating hearts. Fancy dreams of expanding her reach, bringing joy to more places.

what your donation does for rescue dogs

$5, gives food

$10, give food, and treats

$25, give, a toy, a treat and food

$50, give a toy, a treat, no hide chew, and food for two dogs

our gift to you for your donation

$5, thank you postcard

$10, a bag of treats